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Mac Repairs

Laptops Plus West is a full-service Apple Service Provider which offers several options for all your mac repairs, whether it be for accidental damage, or out of warranty, our expert electronic engineers are the best choice for all your mac repairs.

iMac and Macbook Repair

Our Apple technicians can provide Mac support for your Macbook or iMac and add RAM to increase the speed. Our computer technicians have in Apple services and can replace any failing piece of hardware. Apple estimates their computers to last about 5 to 6 years, and are quickly advancing, therefore your Apple setup may not work with newer technology and will require Apple services. If a hardware upgrade isn't enough to satisfy your needs, we can replace your system entirely. Bring your system in to one of our locations throughout San Diego, or one of our on site technicians can come to your place today and provide professional Apple service. We're the solution to all your mac repair problems.


Mac liquid spill, physical damage or other accidental damage? Laptops plus west has performed thousands of accidental damage repairs throughout our 20 years in business.

Typical accidental damage repairs include:

  • Liquid spill
  • Cracked Glass
  • Broken Connectors
  • Hard Drive or SSD Drive failures (due to physical or liquid damage)
  • Laptops plus west focuses on repairing only the affected parts that are malfunctioning. This provides a significant cost savings for our customers. We also service liquid spillage and other accidental damage repairs at a lesser cost than other service providers.


    Machine out of warranty? Whatever the issue – Mac not booting, slow operation, no power, lines on display, Laptops plus west can service your iMac or Macbook effectively with little downtime. Our Apple service techs specialize in all Mac repairs

    Typical out of warranty repairs include the following issues:

  • Hard Drive or SSD Drive failures
  • Battery failure
  • Memory Card failures
  • Optical Drive failures
  • If your hard drive is failing or has failed, we can replace it with a drive suitable to fit your needs or even a SSD drive. We can also provide data recovery from the failed drive, or migrate your data backup into an external backup drive, then to a new hard or SSD drive which we install into your Mac.