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iPhone Repair

Image of an iPhone with a cracked screen

iPhone with a cracked screen?

Need your Cell Phone or iPhone cracked screen repaired?

 LaptopsPlus Cell Phone & iPhone Repair in Carlsbad, San Diego and Santee Can Help You!


Most Cell Phone & iPhone repairs can be done in less than an hour with a scheduled appointment at LaptopsPlus Carlsbad, San Diego and Santee.
Give us a call at 1-888-735-2786
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Cell Phone – iPhone Repairs:

Home Button Repair
Do you experience issues with your iPhone home button being hard to push and to get it to work, sticking, or not working at all. Your home button may need a iPhone or cell phone repair and our technicians here at Laptopsplus will gladly help.


Screen Replacement
If your iPhone screen is cracked and the LCD in still intact through the splinters, our experienced technicians cracked screen repair in San Diego got you covered for a quick repair for your iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 to replace glass screen.


Damaged LCD Screen Replacement
This iPhone screen replacement repair is for both your touch screen or ipad mini screen repair and your LCD display (the screen that lights up). If you can’t see any images on your screen, the touch screen has missing chunks of glass that expose the LCD, the screen has stripes, discolorations or lost touch sensitivity, this is the iPhone repair you need.


Battery Replacement
If your iPhone are experiencing diminished battery life and having to charge your phone more often, it may be time for a new battery for your iPhone.


Charging Port Repair
If your iPhone can’t maintain a charge, hold cables properly, or connect to other devices – your Lightning Port may need to be fixed and Laptops Plus iPhone Repair in San Diego will help you.


Power Button Repair
Is your Power Button completely recessed? Does it no longer register a press? It’s possible that the flex cable underneath it has become worn down and too thin. Fortunately, Laptops Plus iPhone Repair we can fix it.


Rear iPhone Camera Repair
If your iPhone camera can’t focus or you have a small dot on every photo you take, your camera may need to be replaced and Laptops Plus iPhone Repair we can fix it for you.


Headphone Jack Repair
The iPhone 5 Headphone Jack can become damaged through usage or when exposed to moisture. Damage to the jack prevent your headphones from plugging in properly, result in no sound in one or both sides of your headphones or make it difficult to connect with auxiliary speakers.


Ear Speaker Repair
If you’re having trouble hearing phone calls using your ear speaker or the speaker sounds distorted we can replace it so you can hear your calls loud and clear.


Ringer Repair
If the ringer on your iPhone doesn’t ring anymore or the speaker sounds distorted, we can replace it so it’s loud and clear again.


Microphone Repair
If people can’t hear you when you talk on a phone call, the main microphone of your phone may need to be replaced. We at Laptops Plus iPhone Repair can fix it.


Volume and Mute Button Repair
If one or both of your volume buttons are unresponsive, feel jammed or your volume adjusts itself without your touching the buttons or if your mute switch doesn’t work we at Laptops Plus iPhone Repair can fix it.


Vibrator Repair
If your iPhone doesn’t vibrate when you get a call in silent mode, Laptops Plus can fix it.


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